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Residential Roofing Repairs & Hail Damage

Hail stonesAt Larry Walty Roofing we feel that it is an advantage to the home owner, the contractor and the adjuster to meet together to avoid miscommunication and come to an agreement. However, we would also like to tell you that ultimately we are there to assist, help and support your adjuster throughout the process. Your insurance carrier will have the final say on what will be replaced and how much will be paid out for your claim.

What process should you take with your insurance and roofing contractor?

  1. Do not call your insurance company right away, you want to make sure there is damage on your property before you file an insurance claim.
  2. Have a Roofing contractor do a free, no obligation damage inspection. Always ask for photo documentation and have the contractor explain to you the general condition of the roof and their findings to any hail damage.
  3. If the roofer does find hail damage. You can either call your local agent and tell them you had a roofer look at your roof to verify hail damage and that you need to file a claim or you can call your insurance companies 800 catastrophe number. However, your agent will be most familiar with your policy and we suggest you contact them to file your claim.
  4. When a claim is filed the insurance company will assign your claim to an adjuster to verify damage and scope your property. We recommend having your roofing contractor meet the adjuster at the time the adjuster does their initial scope and assessment. This will ensure that the adjuster and the roofing contractor can agree on the proper roof scope, quicker cycle time on your claim, and no re inspections. This all ensures that you can have your roof put on sooner.
  5. In most cases the contractor and insurance write different scopes, measurements and estimates. If all parties are present together this will ensure your claim is not needlessly delayed.