Why Choose Larry Walty Roofing?

  • LWR is a family owned and operated business founded in 1989 in Andover, Ks by Larry Walty Sr.  Larry Sr. passed away in 2000 and LWR is now owned by his wife Linda Walty and operated by his son Larry Jr.
  • LWR is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating.
  • LWR has never filed bankruptcy under our current name or any other name.
  • LWR is the largest buyer from DJ Roofing Supply located all throughout the Midwest.  LWR has a credit line with DJ Roofing Supply for $1 million dollars.
  • LWR is one of only seven contractors in the City of Wichita, Ks that is city certified to perform our own roof inspections.  What does that mean?  Because of our quality of workmanship based on inspections by the City of Wichita they trust that we take care of our customers enough that they have certified us to perform self inspections.  This also means that we have pulled permits on all of our jobs in order for the city to inspect them.
  • LWR installed the national roof of the year in Wichita, Ks for Certainteed Roofing Products that was publicized in all of Certainteed’s magazines and marketing material.
  • LWR has earned the prestigious Platinum Certification from Owens Corning Roofing Products because of our financial background and quality of workmanship.  To date LWR is 1 of only 100 roofing contractors in the nation that has earned the Platinum status by Owens Corning.
  • LWR has also earned the Golden Star Applicator award from Certainteed Roofing Products because of our quality of workmanship.
  • Versico Roofing Products recognized LWR as an Xcalibur member in 2009 for getting perfects scores on our roof inspections.
  •  LWR only travels to storms outside of our area when there is a need to take care of customers in a major catastrophe.  We are invited by the First Choice Repair Program to take care of customers fast and with the best quality workmanship.
  •  We have customers as far south as Houston, Tx to as far north as Cedar Bluff, Ia that we can give references to you upon request.
  •  We have an 800# that our customers have been able reach us for the last 20 years.
  •  We do not hide the fact we are from Andover, Ks rather welcome the opportunity to explain to our customers who we are and what we can do for them.
  •  We can offer workmanship warranties for 15 years backed by Owens Corning or Certainteed.  That’s right LWR can offer workmanship warranties by one of the largest material manufactures in the world for 15 years if you can’t find us you will have warranty papers to call Owens Corning.
  •  Larry Jr. has been a member of the Derby, Ks Chamber of Commerce & the Augusta Chamber of Commerce.
  •  Larry Jr. served on the board of contractors for the First Choice Repair Program.
  •  Larry Jr. was nominated for Man of the Year for Luekemia & Lymphoma Society.
  •  LWR is a member of the Wichita Area Builders Association.
  •  Larry Jr. is certified through OSHA to keep workers safe.
  •  LWR is licensed and insured in all municipalities prior to performing any work.
  •  LWR pulls permits on all jobs when required.
  •  LWR has a qualified & trained field supervisor on all jobs.
  •  LWR has a website to find us and also research more about who we are waltyroofing.com
  •  Our salesmen are trained not only to identify hail damage we also train our salesmen to identify what is not hail damage so that our customers do not turn in claims that was not caused by hail damage.
  •  LWR has performed work for city, county and state municipalities.  Including but not limited to Wichita CSI Lab, Jabarra Aviation Center, Butler County Jail, Derby Police Department, Hutchinson Correctional facility.
  •  LWR can upon request provide referral letters from city inspectors, architects, engineers, attorneys, contractors, large warehouse facilities, churches and most of all homeowners.

Simply stated LWR is not a company that you read about that is a fly by night roofer out to scam you.  We pride ourselves with our ability to be able to be mobile when needed but also provide all of our customers with the same warranty no matter where they are located and no matter where we are.


"No roof too big, no roof too small"

- Larry Walty Sr.